As a typical high-end Rockchip product, XTRONS PQS series has been widely praised since its launch. Now the PQS series has been further improved, with the latest Android 11.0 OS, featuring an optimised system and a new UI. The Android 11.0 PQS series inherits the PX6 solution, alongside the original PQS series’ high-end configuration and functions. Below are the highlights: Upgraded latest Android 11.0 OS, delivering more beautiful elements, better privacy protection and higher operating performance. 1. PX6 professional in-vehicles chip, Hexa Core 64bit processing, 4GB DDR3 RAM and 64GB SSD Memory; 2. Supports 4K video playback, thanks to the impressive image processing capabilities of the Mali-T860 GPU. A huge improvement over other solutions on the market. 3. Built-in HDMI Output (not available for the Single DIN car DVD player version). With the HDMI Output, you can share high definition video and high quality audio with all passengers in your vehicle, using just an HDMI cable. 4. XTRONS exclusively designed classic in-house UI, which shows the current speed. You can click to change between KM/H and MPH as you prefer. 5. Built-in wireless and wired CarPlay and wired Android Auto. You can connect any smartphone, whether an iPhone or Android phone, for safe usage on the large screen. You can also get access to mobile phone voice commands from the car stereo directly. 6. Built-in advanced AMK DSP. This gives you a 15-band EQ and 5 sound fields, offering extensive sound adjustment options to get the best out of your car sound system, and to adjust the sound to your taste and preferences. 7. Upgraded Bluetooth Module. The new Bluetooth 5.0 has a higher transmission rate and stronger anti-interference ability. 8. Support XTRONS DVR, especially AHD 1080P and 720P HD cameras (not supported by the previous version), which provides clearer and more accurate images. 9. Dual Band Wi-Fi. The series offers more options for Wi-Fi connection and higher transmission speed with the new channel built-in 5GHZ Wi-Fi. It avoids connection issues or interference and offers more stability. Besides all of the above features, you should not miss out on the usual XTRONS brand highlights, such as the professionally designed in-house XTRONS UI, Grade-A LCD Screen, Genuine DDR and SSD, Automotive-grade chips (as in the ST TDA7708 Radio Tuner with RDS), the redesigned Heat Sink with the latest CPU cooling technology. Furthermore, all XTRONS models must pass a series of tests, including a high and low temperature test, a verified in-car test, an 8-hour accelerated ageing test, an electrostatic test and an impact and 1.2 metre drop test. For the PQS series, we have a 7-inch Double-DIN Universal car stereo, as well as car stereos for specific car makers, such as BMW, Volkswagen, Land Rover and Porsche. Please feel free to contact our sales representatives to get more information.