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15th January 2020

XTRONS PSD&PST the high Cost-effective Android 10.0 Full Series launched!

PSD and PST Series are the two high cost-effective series from XTRONS. If your customers are care about the cost-effectiveness of the car stereo yet concern on the quality standard of cheap unit, these two series will be your best...

3rd January 2020

XTRONS Q series: Qualcomm Octa Core Anti-Reflective Screen Upgrade models for BMW Audi Benz

XTRONS Q Series   XTRONS high-end revolutionary dual system Q series are coming. Customized for the vehicle that comes with its original system, the Q series changes the way to upgrade your stereo. Q series retains all the original function...

6th December 2019

New BMW horizontal screen PQ units Released!

Our most unique horizontal screen BMW units has just launched to XTRONS PQ Series! XTRONS PQ series represent the most high-end, true vehicle-standard products with its strong stability and the most powerful in-car android solution on the market so far...

15th May 2017

Countries, Cars & Android Car Stereos

Having recently announced a deal to ship to one of the world’s biggest car loving and car manufacturing nations, we thought we’d create a blog appreciating nations and their cars.   Stereotypically, the nation we’ve just secured shipping links with...

15th May 2017

WinCE Car Stereo Vs Android Car Stereo

It wasn’t too long ago when WinCE and Android OS (Operating Systems) were in completely different weight categories and you wouldn’t even begin to compare them. But now the two titans of in-car entertainment systems are battling it out to...