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1st December 2021

XTRONS QE Series: Octa Core 2+32GB Screen Upgrade Models for BMW Benz Audi

Earlier, XTRONS released the widely acclaimed Octa Core 4GB + 128GB QF series car stereos with integrated full network 4G, so you and your customers could explore the world of in-car entertainment without limitations. To enrich our product line, we...

29th November 2021

XTRONS NEW QP Series:Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 Android 11.0 OS 6+128GB for BMW Benz Audi

AS the mainstream in-vehicle solution for screen upgrade series, Qualcomm solution has always been loved by customers. XTRONS has released low-end Quad Core 2+32GB QC series and high-end Octa Core 4+64GB QS series, we are now releasing the The ultimate...

28th October 2021

XTRONS IQ Series: The Ultimate Flagship Series with Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 AI Engine & LPDDR4 6+128GB

XTRONS have recently released the ultimate flagship IQ series, with a Qualcomm Octa Core processor. The series comes with top-class equipment and materials in a high-end configuration, bringing you an unprecedented in-car experience. The IQ series uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon...

8th October 2021

XTRONS Qualcomm Quad Core Q Series Screen Upgrade Models for Audi Benz BMW

Now is the time to expand XTRONS’ QC series, with more models for Mercedes Benz and Audi! XTRONS has released a brand new Q series stereo, retaining your car’s original system and upgrading the screen, and featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon...

16th September 2021

XTRONS PME series: Upgraded from PBE Series with Higher Performance and Dual Wifi

XTRONS has released the new top performance Octa-core PME Series car stereos, bringing the best value to car owners. Upgraded from the original PBE series, the new PME series has higher performance, smoother operation and even more incredible functions. You...