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8th October 2021

XTRONS Qualcomm Quad Core Q Series Screen Upgrade Models for Audi Benz BMW

Now is the time to expand XTRONS’ QC series, with more models for Mercedes Benz and Audi! XTRONS has released a brand new Q series stereo, retaining your car’s original system and upgrading the screen, and featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon...

16th September 2021

XTRONS PME series: Upgraded from PBE Series with Higher Performance and Dual Wifi

XTRONS has released the new top performance Octa-core PME Series car stereos, bringing the best value to car owners. Upgraded from the original PBE series, the new PME series has higher performance, smoother operation and even more incredible functions. You...

13th August 2021

Summer Holiday Hotpicks: XTRONS New Headrest DVD players and Android Plug and Play Monitors

Following the launch of the new line of Android car roof-mounted players, XTRONS has launched a series of new car headrest monitors. These include both traditional pillow mounted car headrest DVD players, and new bracket mounted Plug & Play Android...

13th August 2021

XTRONS PQS series upgraded with optimized hardware and built in carplay&Android auto&DSP

Recently, we have upgraded the top performance PX6 PQ series Hexa Core car stereos. We have given the series a premium infotainment solution and brilliant CarPlay, Android Auto and Digital Sound Processing; we call it the PQS series. Now you...

5th July 2021

XTRONS QA Series for Audi Screen Upgrade Models with Qualcomm Spapdragon 625 Chipset!

XTRONS Q series for Audi has just been launched. It joins the innovative Qualcomm Octa-core car stereo family after the Q Series for BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The Q series have been well received in the market by BMW and Mercedes-Benz...