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30th September 2020

XTRONS Car Roof Monitor Full Size Range!

New Members newly added to XTRONS Car Roof Monitor product line! With the newly released size 11.6” and 19.5” , we Now get the full size range of Car roof in car monitors in which you’ll have a full range...

31st August 2020

Discover The New PX5 Android 10.0 PBX and IB Series

Recently, our Rockchip PX5 Octa Core high end product lines known as PBX Series and IB Series have been fully launched. PBX Series, which is the traditional product line, come with regular 1 din or 2 din size, most of...

17th August 2020

XTRONS QC series: Qualcomm Quad Core Anti-Reflective Screen Upgrade models for BMW

Earlier XTRONS have released the Android 10.0 Octa Core Q series, it’s a screen upgrade product line for newer year cars of BMW/Benz/Audi, in order to provide you and your customer a more cost-effective car stereo options, we are now...

17th July 2020

First Batch PX5 android 10.0 Octa Core Car Stereo Units

As a series with stable configuration and competitive price in the high-end product line, XTRONS PB series has always be one of our bestselling series. PX5 PB series come with the latest android operating system, PX5 Octa-core 64bit processor, 4GB...

16th June 2020

PX6 PQ Hexa-Core Upgraded to Android 10.0 with Qualcomm BT with aptX & BT Tethering

Last year, XTRONS released the high-end cost-effectively PQ series which is also the most high-end, true vehicle-standard products. We’ve continued to absorb your feedback, to try and meet the demands of your in-car entertainment expectations. In doing so, we’re delighted...