XTRONS has released a range of car roof mounted monitors, in a huge range of sizes; from 9”, 10.2”, 11.6”, 12.1”, 13.3”, 15.6”, 17.3” and 19.5” conventional car mp5 monitors, to 11.6”, 12.5”, 13.6”, 15.6” and 17.3” modern Android car roof monitors with or without touch screens. To offer you the widest choice of professional overhead screens, we are now introducing 3 new monitors in beautiful new colours; steel grey and cashmere beige. The newly launched ultra-thin roof mounted monitors are a compact 10.2” monitor in steel grey and cashmere beige and a large 13.3” monitor in steel grey. 1. The ultra-thin design, along with the touch buttons, makes the unit more elegant, helping it not just to blend in with your vehicle's interior, but enhance it. 2. The 10.2” monitor comes equipped with a stunning 16:9 HD TFT digital screen, while the 13.3” monitor comes with a stunning 16:9 FULL HD TFT digital screen. You and your passengers can enjoy your favourite media in breathtaking detail. 3. Supports HDMI input. You can mirror your favourite content from your smartphone onto the monitor’s screen by cable or wirelessly (extra accessories required). Moreover, you can even watch digital TV in your car when connected to a digital TV receiver. 4. The units support playing all commonly used formats with up to 1080P resolution smoothly. You can always have sharp and vibrant images to watch. 5. The 10.2” monitor opens up to an angle of 140°, while the 13.3” monitor can be opened up to 180°, ensuring the perfect viewing position for your passengers. 6. Support for both positive and negative door control - safe and convenient. 7. Support for both in-car and home use, with an optional AC power adapter (AC05), so you can enjoy your entertainment at home too. 8. A variety of sound output choices; with the built-in IR & FM transmitters, you can pick the most suitable option to output sound. 9. Support for external USB sticks and SD cards to expand your media choices. Beside all the above highlights, XTRONS always use high-end materials; high-temperature resistant plastic, brand-new flawless Grade A screens, and custom-designed packaging with tough protection will always keep your monitor away from scratches and bumps. We have made continuous improvements, making these overhead monitors evergreen best-sellers. It’s the perfect time to get in the market for a new monitor and try more possibilities. Please contact us if you need more help or advice.