The XTRONS CM141A has been designed to enhance the existing Android Car Roof Monitor solutions and configuration options in the market. The aim is to expand the available customer base and market by introducing a popular model with different memory configurations and focus on cost-effectiveness.

Highlights of the CM141A:

A: Screen appearance: The 14" ultra-thin IPS screen with a 178-degree viewing angle ensures that users have a comfortable viewing experience. The slim design of the screen ensures that it is aesthetically pleasing and complements any decor.

B: Screen display: The model boasts a screen resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, which means it can provide 1080P video quality. The clarity of the image is enhanced by the IPS technology used in the screen.

C: Wi-Fi & Screen Mirroring: The CM141A comes with Wi-Fi and screen mirroring function. This means that users can easily connect their mobile phones to the model and stream content seamlessly.

D: HDMI input & 2 Channels CVBS input: The model also comes with HDMI and 2 channels CVBS inputs. This feature ensures that users can connect a wide range of devices to the model, such as gaming consoles, DVD players, laptops and TV boxes.

E: Optimized software: The CM141A has optimized software that supports popular video playback APKs such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and Spotify Music, etc. The software ensures that users can stream their favorite content without any glitches or buffering.

E: Built-in speakers: The CM141A comes with built-in speakers that support FM and IR Bluetooth. This feature ensures that users can enjoy their favorite music or radio stations without the need for additional speakers.

F: Multiple UIs to choose from: The CM141A offers users multiple UIs to choose from. This feature ensures that users can customize the interface to meet their preferences.

G: Colorful Aura Lighting & Automatic Lighting Control: The CM141A comes with ambient lights and door control lights. These features enhance the aesthetics of the model and provide additional functionality.

H: Optional for home and car use: The CM141A is suitable for both home and car use. This feature ensures that users can enjoy the benefits of the model in any environment.

Moreover, the CM141A uses our usual new screen Grade-A Screen, Genuine SSD, Branded UI, and Professional packaging. These features ensure that users get the best quality product.

In addition to this model, we have full range of sizes (10.2”, 11.6”, 12.1”, 12.5”, 13.3”, 14”, 15.6”, 17.3” and 19.5”), 2+32GB configurations, and different display effect models (such as HDR+10 Technology) and solutions available. Please contact sales for more information. We are committed to ensuring that our customers get the best quality products and services, and we are always happy to help.