XTRONS have recently released the ultimate flagship IQ series, with a Qualcomm Octa Core processor. The series comes with top-class equipment and materials in a high-end configuration, bringing you an unprecedented in-car experience. The IQ series uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665, which is the fastest and most intelligent chip for car stereos. 1. Qualcomm Kryo260 CPU architecture, equipped with 4x Cortex A73 performance cores and 4x Cortex A53 power-efficient cores, making this series more powerful and reliable than ever. 2. Qualcomm 3rd Gen AI Engine, which provides highly intelligent experiences for great gaming, top security performance and more on the optimised Android 10 system, making the system smarter and faster. Seamless interactions. 3. The most advanced 11nm processing technology, available on a car stereo for the first time. This 64bit Octa Core processor delivers next-level performance, running up to 2.0GHz clock rate. 4. Adreno 610 GPU which is engineered for the most immersive and responsive experience in gaming and 4K video playback, making in-car gaming as super-smooth as possible. The processor can also decode more video formats up to 4K perfectly, including H.264, HEVC, MPEG-1/2/4, VP9, etc. 5. Dual Channel 4X-1866MHZ LPDDR4 6GB RAM plus 128GB Solid State ROM. Performance is highly enhanced while maintaining lower power consumption, enabling you to download and save more content quickly and without limitations. Besides the above highlights of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 platform, the units also use the TDA7708 radio chip, the perfect radio solution with RDS, the STMicroelectronics TDA7850 chip with max 4x50W output which delivers top quality amplification with a clean, loud and natural sound, STMicroelectronics MCU which provides enhanced efficiency for task handling and processing, and an AMK top-rated DSP, which is the best for audiophiles and music fans. The IQ Series comes equipped with built-in wireless CarPlay and wired Android Auto, which enable boundary-free interaction with your smartphone. It supports both 5G and 2.5G bands Wi-Fi and built-in 4G (supports 4G carriers in Asia and Europe). The 5G band hugely enhances the internet speed, ensuring content can be transmitted online without lag, and the Qualcomm integrated 4G solution allows you to enjoy a premium driving experience while using data. It supports a front and rear camera, AHD (1950x1080) camera and XTRONS DVR, and you can access the reversing mode instantly without delays. As always, we have an exclusively designed XTRONS in-house UI, and we only use Grade-A screens, Solid RAM and ROM and professional in-vehicle chips and solutions, distinguishing us from other suppliers. For the first launch, we have the TIQ702L – a 7” screen Double DIN universal car stereo, the IQ90MTVL – a 9” screen car stereo custom fitted for VW, Skoda and Seat, the IQ80A3AL — an 8” screen car stereo custom fitted for Audi, and the IQ7039B/ IQ7046B — a 7” screen car stereo custom fitted for BMW. More models will be added to this product line soon, so please stay tuned for the very best in in-car entertainment.