XTRONS octa-core MA series car stereos with built-in worldwide 4G have been well received by our customers, ever since we released the early models. For Audi, we already have a 7” model with DVD drive and a 8” model without, and we are now adding three 8.8” horizontal screen car stereos with a brand-new style UI. Designed to bring a world of entertainment streaming right into your car, these stereos are equipped with the latest 4G and a host of other features to bring your dashboard to life. 1. 8.8” screen with stylish original UI, to bring you a brand-new Audi experience. 2. Built-in 4G Module which supports 99% of carriers worldwide. It offers you an easy and secure way to access the internet, so you can enjoy superb 4G speeds anywhere in the world without buffering or lagging. Simply insert a SIM card into the unit and you can enjoy independent and secure networks immediately. 3. 14nm processing and multi-core clocking speeds up to 2.5GHz, Octa-core processor, DDR4 4GB RAM and SSD 64GB ROM. This enables faster data transfer, higher power efficiency and offers a highly improved performance. It also supports the download and installation of 32bit & 64bit apps. 4. Built-in wired CarPlay & Android Auto that works for both iOS and Android phones. You can cast your phone to the large screen of the car stereo for GPS navigation, for easier touch operation, or to get access to the voice commands of Siri or Google assistant. 5. Professional sound quality with premium built-in DSP. The series offers extensive sound adjustment options to get the best out of your car’s sound system, allowing you to adapt the sound to your taste and preferences. 6. Supports 1920x1080 reversing cameras. XTRONS offers a wide variety of rear and front drive assist cameras. You can choose from simple reversing cameras with distance guides up to AHD (1920x1080) cameras with a wider angle, to assist you in many driving situations. You can also enter the reversing camera mode instantly. Besides all the amazing features above, we always and only use grade A LCDs, solid state RAM & ROM, thickened aluminum heat sinks and professional in-vehicle chips and solutions, such as radio chip TDA7708, amplifier chip 7852, etc. We are committed to building the most comprehensive MA series product line, to bring these fantastic features into more and more vehicles. Please feel free to let us know your needs if you have any questions or suggestions for us.