When the high-end XTRONS IX series product line was launched in October, it brought customers unprecedented luxury features - high-end chip architecture, a 8GB+128GB large memory configuration, automotive-grade hardware, high-end materials and a screen gravity sensor, along with high quality construction and cost-effectiveness. The models received plenty of praise in the marketplace.

In order to cater to demand, the product line has now been expanded. New models such as a 12.8” universal model, a horizontal screen model for BMW, Audi and more, together with new model car stereos for Jeep, Hyundai and Volkswagen.

The most distinguished among the new models is the 12.8” universal car stereo TIX221L. Its unique highlights are as follows:
1. 12.8” Grade-A spotless large screen;
2. QLED IPS display with 1920x1080 resolution, bringing unparalleled clarity. You can see stunning colourful images with high definition and more detail from any angle.
3. Fully-laminated screen surface with flawless clarity. Beautifully crafted with no fuzziness or air gaps.
4. Supports vertical screen rotation, gravity sensor and XTRONS vertical screen UI, which can display an optimised, adaptive viewing ratio. Maximise your viewing experience while focusing on driving – whether the screen is in portrait or landscape mode.
5. Adjustable positioning - move the screen vertically within 50mm, tilt up and swivel up to 40 degrees. Allows you to customise your entertainment space for the perfect fit, without sacrificing visual enjoyment.
Besides these features aspects, it also retains the IX Series’ highlights as below:
1. Android 12 Octa-core (2xCortex A75 + 6xCortex A55) with 12nm processing and Mali-G52 GPU, 8GB+128GB SSD and global 4G LTE. Ensures supreme performance.
2. Built-in wireless Carplay & Android Auto, instant reversing mode compatible with AHD camera. Ensures safe journeys with the smart driving companion.
3. Built-in ROHM DSP, Dual band Wi-Fi, USB tethering and more.

In addition to the newly added 12.8” universal model, there is also a new 10.1” car stereo for Volkswagen with a new size and finish. The newly added models are below:
A. TIX221L: 12.8” Double DIN universal car stereo with rotatable screen, no DVD player.
B. IX1239BHL 10.25” car stereo for BMW E39 with horizontal screen, no DVD player.
C. IX1253BHL 10.25” car stereo for BMW E53 with horizontal screen, no DVD player.
D. IX8246BHL 8.8” car stereo for BMW E46 with horizontal screen, no DVD player.
E. IX82A3AHL 8.8” car stereo for Audi A3 with horizontal screen, no DVD player.
F. IX82TTAHL 8.8” car stereo for Audi TT with horizontal screen, no DVD player.
G. IXP92RGJ 9” universal car stereo with frame for Jeep Liberal Ranger.
H. IXP9235H 9” universal car stereo with frame for Hyundai IX35.
I. IXP92FSF 9” universal car stereo with frame for Ford Focus.
J. IXP12GFVL 10.1” universal car stereo with frame for Volkswagen Golf 7 Left-Hand Drive.
K. IX12MTVL 10.1” car stereo for Volkswagen, no DVD player.
L. IX82JCCL 8” car stereo for GMC, no DVD player.
M. IX82MTV 8” car stereo for Volkswagen with DVD player.

As a high-end series, all IX series models use XTRONS' automotive-grade chip, along with materials such as the TDA7708 radio chip with RDS, TDA7388 amplifier IC, ROHM DSP chip (BU32107), XTRONS UI, Aluminium heat sink design, professional packaging design, Grade-A flawless screens and SSD memory. Moreover, the IX series provides 4GB+64GB & 8GB+256GB configurations, as well as both 9” & 10.1” car stereos with specific frame options. Please inquire if you are interested in knowing more.