Due to the rising market demand for large screen car stereos and cost-effective options, universal head units with big screens and adaptable frames are emerging as a new trade trend. They're becoming increasingly popular in the market. UG has also launched its "One Fit All Project", a product line that fits this trend. As the name suggests, "One Fit All" signifies that a single universal head unit can accommodate various car models. This approach reduces stocking and cost burdens for Xtrons Dealers while offering more choices of product solutions and car models.

Let's compare its advantages to traditional car stereos.

Stocking Advantage: You only need to stock one head unit. By pairing it with various frames and wires, it can be adjusted to fit a specific car model. This significantly reduces stocking costs and inventory waiting time, while diversifying the stocked SKU. You don't need to worry about unsold goods. Plus, you can try new models at the cost of the frame.

Product Advantage: You can explore emerging market solutions and new features without worrying about having to sell existing stock. You can also try different product solutions simultaneously to broaden your product line and reach different customer groups.

Cost/After Sales Advantage: You can take one head unit and diversify it to different models with different frames to save the cost. And meanwhile if there’s any after sales involved, you can return the main unit only without returning whole unit.

The UG One Fit All project outperforms similar vendors in several ways:

Unique Design: Despite being universal, we've added a unique touch to our product. We offer a privately designed 9"/10.1" universal appearance with a specialized screen for an enhanced visual experience.

Superior Screen: Our fully laminated anti-glare screens offer multiple pixel options: 1980 x 1080, 1280 x 800, 2K screen. Choose the screen resolution that best suits your needs.

In-Car Verified Wiring/Canbus: All our products have been tested in a vehicle environment to ensure their stability and reliability, offering you a worry-free user experience.

Versatile In-House UI Options: Our products come with our in-house UI design, enabling you to personalize your user experience.

Market-Validation Solutions: We offer multiple product solutions and configuration options that have been validated in the market. This offers you flexibility in configurations and options and enhances your product's stability.

Moreover, like our traditional head units, we use Grade A New Screens and Solid SSD Memory for our One Fit All products. We also use in-car level radio and amplifier chipsets, wiring, and thickened heat sink design. You can trust us for quality.

Our One Fit All project offers head unit size options of 9"/10.1"/11.5"/12.3". With a low MOQ of 1 carton (6pcs) and limited-time promotional prices, you can get a sample now at the same unit price as for 50 units. Act fast! We welcome your inquiries.