In order to provide more sizes and appearance options of XTRONS Android car TV roof mounted monitor, meanwhile provide different price range options, we have newly launched a cost-effective 14" option - CM140HD, let’s take a look at the highlights.

A: Screen appearance: The 14" display, 28mm ultra-thin design, and hidden buttons make this product simple and stylish in appearance.

B: Screen display: 1366*768 high-definition display provides you with clear and bright visual experience.

C: Equipped with colorful ambient lights: Various modes of colorful ambient lights can adjust different colors according to your mood and environment.

D: External USB Interface: Supports 1080P video playback, and supports various audio playback formats, making your audio-visual enjoyment to a higher level.

E: Supports HDMI input function: Can be used with digital TV boxes and mobile game consoles supporting HDMI output function, providing a wider range of usage scenarios.

F: Supports 2-channel video input function: meets your diversified audio-visual needs, and allows you to connect 2 different video sources simultaneously.

G: Built-in stereo speakers plus multiple sound output options: you can transfer the audio signal to your car stereo via FM-TX to amplify sound or connect an IR headphone for private listening.

H: Optional for home and car: It can be conveniently used both at home and in the car.

Besides all those impressive features, we’ve exclusively designed our own stylish and ultra-thin appearance and used high-end materials like high temperature resistant plastic, brand-new Grade-A spotless screen, genuine DDR and SSD, private models and professional designed packages.

In addition to this model, we have 11.6’’, 12.1’’, 13.3’’, 15.6’’ and 15.6’’ touch screen, 17.3’’ plus 19.5’’ monitors and Android monitors for you and your customers to choose from. Welcome to consult us.